Yarmouth Primary Care

Yarmouth Primary Care: Primary Care Physicians that Put You First

To schedule an appointment, please call (207) 535-1200

The best primary care physicians in Yarmouth, Maine are at Mercy Yarmouth Primary Care.

Mercy Yarmouth Primary Care provides the highest quality preventative medicine, adult primary care, geriatric care and pediatric care from our convenient location on Route One in Yarmouth. Our doctors work closely with you at any stage of life to create a personalized wellness plan that feels right and helps you feel your best.

Mercy Yarmouth Primary Care also provides radiology and laboratory services, so patients can access medical tests, scans and procedures in one convenient location. Our office also adjoins Mercy Yarmouth Express Care, providing patients with care for minor emergencies during evening, weekends and holiday hours.

Dr. Daniel Merson, Dr. Lila Day, Dr. Molly O’Malley, and Dr. Erin Piontek are passionate, experienced doctors you can talk to and trust with your personal healthcare preferences, concerns, and goals. We support busy Maine families with convenient office hours, an electronic health records program and responsive, welcoming staff.

Mercy Yarmouth Primary Care understands that Maine families need to get the most value from their healthcare dollars, and we pride ourselves on providing the very best care at the most affordable price. We accept Medicare and Medicaid assignment, most major insurance and managed care plans, and can assist our patients in finding payment options that work for them. RSS