Maine Spine Surgery

DEDICATED TO the Very Best Spine Surgery Experience in Maine

Maine Spine Surgery is a team of professionals dedicated to providing the very best spine surgery experience in Maine. That's why we see patients from all over Maine and beyond.
“Your reputation is so famous up here that our team at TAMC is eager to work with your providers whenever they can. It’s worth the trip to Mercy for the best spinal care you can imagine!”


We expedite access to our spine providers to give you the answers and solutions you need – without frustrating delay. Our professionals will give you a clear presentation of your surgical options, the risks and benefits, the pros and cons. If surgery is not right for you, we’ll point you and your referring provider in the right direction to get you better — faster.


If a decision for surgery is made, we provide you with the very best spine surgery experience in Maine.

Here at Mercy, every patient is treated by a specially-selected surgical team that concentrates exclusively on spine surgery. Our nurses, anesthetists, and surgical technologists have decades of specialized training to make your spine surgery experience smooth, streamlined, and safe.

For the best comfort and restorative rest, to optimize safety and minimize infection, every inpatient gets a private room while at Mercy.

Call Us to Learn More

If you are struggling with a spinal condition, and you and your health care provider are considering surgery, please have your provider call us at (207) 553-6054. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your condition, an understandable discussion of the surgical options, and – if surgery is right for you – we’ll do everything we can to deliver the very best spine surgery experience in Maine.

IF YOU THINK MAINE SPINE SURGERY IS RIGHT FOR YOU, ask your provider for a referral.