McAuley Residence

McAuley Residence provides a comprehensive transitional housing program for women with and without children who are in recovery from drug and alcohol dependency. The McAuley Residence staff collaborates with Mercy and community providers to offer a well-rounded approach providing women the skills they need to embrace recovery in all areas of their lives. McAuley Residence is guided by the Sisters of Mercy philosophy of compassionate care for all, with special concern for disadvantaged women and children.

We serve a diverse group of women whose primary concern is addiction. Women come from all over the state of Maine and either apply on their own or are referred through community agencies.

At the McAuley Residence, women commit to actively participate in their individualized program designed to promote positive lasting changes which break the cycle of unhealthy dependences and encourage healthy independence. We have a holistic approach covering all aspects of recovery including: spirituality, parenting, physical and emotional wellness, career/education, financial responsibility and recreation. This is done through professional staff proving comprehensive individual coaching, psycho-educational and community groups. A person entering the program will commit to the following:
  • Remain clean and sober
  • Will attend and participate in all programing held at the McAuley Residence
  • 32 hours a week of productive activity
  • Will attend and participate in the 12- step programing.
  • Will work with staff to secure payment for the monthly rent
  • Will follow the program rules, including but limited to: NO male guest; no overnight guest (other than their children under the age of 10) and stated curfews
  • Work with staff to obtain access to mental health, physical health and dental care
  • Will provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children
  • Work with staff to secure affordable permanent housing

Each of the 15 furnished apartments at McAuley Residence has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and full bath located in a secure building. There is a gracious common spaces including a community kitchen, play room and a computer lab. Staff members provide individual and group services geared toward developing a healthy environment in which residents learn to support and grow with one another.

For more information, contact the staff at (207) 747-4121, or by email.