Overcoming Addiction

Addiction can be a terrible thing. It can potentially endanger your life, affect your loved ones, imperil your job and your future. And certainly, it’s a disease that usually can’t be conquered alone. Depending on the type and level of addiction, in-patient treatment may be necessary, along with a long-term plan for recovery.

The Mercy Recovery Center offers the largest substance abuse treatment center in Maine for adults that treat the entire spectrum of substance abuse, from alcoholism to drug addiction – one step at a time…one day at a time…one person at a time.

Our specialized Substance Abuse Treatment services include detoxification, group therapy, treatment of withdrawal symptoms, and long-term therapies designed to reduce an individual’s chance of relapse and help patients through the tough transition from illness to recovery.

The professional team at Mercy Recovery Center is committed to treating our patients with respect, compassion, and the knowledge that addiction is a serious illness. Our programs encourage the participation of key family members at the appropriate point in treatment, while always remaining mindful of patient confidentiality. Services include:
  • skilled assessments/substance abuse evaluation
  • medical management of withdrawal
  • detoxification with the latest medications and comfort measures
  • outpatient counseling and support services
  • ongoing support needed to stay clean and sober
Most insurance providers cover treatment, as does Medicaid. 
Please contact your insurance advisor for details; our staff is also always willing to assist you.