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For complex foot and ankle conditions, don’t let anyone tell you to just “wait and see.” You can see one of the very best foot and ankle specialists today!
Olympic athletes, Division I college players and the most complex and critical cases in New England and Canada travel to Mercy to consult with renowned foot and ankle specialist Dr. Gregory Pomeroy and his elite, fellowship-trained team. If you have flat feet, a foot and ankle deformity or trauma, or a repetitive or severe sports injury, you should, too.
One of the most respected and well-known foot and ankle specialists in the country, Dr. Pomeroy has replaced ankles, repaired deformities, eliminated instabilities and restored the range of function and performance for over 22,000 patients. A seasoned veteran of over 8,000 successful surgeries, Dr. Pomeroy:
  • performed the first ankle replacement in Maine, and more ankle replacements than any surgeon in New England,
  • was one of the first surgeons in the country to master the complex Agility Ankle procedure for ankle replacement, and
  • developed the All American Procedure for repairing flat feet.
A passionate advocate of early, non-surgical interventions like custom-made orthotics, Dr. Pomeroy personally consults with every single patient prior to any surgical procedure to find just the right treatment plan for them. With just one phone call, you can have your foot and ankle condition carefully evaluated by one of the premier specialists in the field, and receive a customized care plan that will reduce pain, restore function and return you to the lifestyle you love.
  • CONDITIONS TREATED AND SURGICAL PROCEDURES PROVIDED Flat feet. High arch feet. Severe foot and ankle trauma. Ankle instability. Repetitive or severe sports injury. If you have struggled to find the right care for your foot and ankle condition, come to NEFAS. You’ll find our exceptional outcomes documented in medical journals, published papers and more. More importantly, you’ll find our patients enjoying strong, pain-free feet and ankles, almost twenty years after their surgeries
  • THE HIGHEST STANDARD OF CARE NEFAS isn’t just about our extraordinary level of experience. It’s about your extraordinary patient experience. We view our patients as people, not as cases. From your first consultation to your last follow-up appointment, you will always know that you come first.
  • OUR ELITE, SPECIALIZED SURGICAL TEAM Our close-knit, highly trained team of practitioners provide exceptional care for each and every patient. Our core group has practiced together for over 15 years, and it shows.
  • ADVANCING THE QUALITY OF CARE We are proud to train tomorrow’s foot and ankle specialists in surgical and non-surgical treatment of traumatic, degenerative, sports, rheumatoid and diabetic foot and ankle problems through our Fellowship Program.
  • FAST, ACCESSIBLE AND AFFORDABLE CARE From our location on the beautiful Mercy Fore River Campus, we provide one-stop access to medical imaging, physical therapy and any other specialized care you might need as part of your treatment.
  • PATIENT RESOURCES & SUPPORT After your surgical consultation with Dr. Pomeroy, you will be assigned a nurse navigator who will become your personal touchstone and advocate before, during and after your treatment. Our pre-surgical Boot Camp will inform and empower you and your family prior to your surgery, and our discharge planner makes sure you are set up for a successful recovery at home.
If you or someone you love struggles with foot and ankle problems, you want to see all your options. Call 207.553.6681 to see the very best: Dr. Gregory Pomeroy at New England Foot and Ankle Specialists at Mercy.